Printing and writing papers

Printing and writing papers are paper grades used for newspapers,  magazines,  catalogs,  books, commercial printing,  businessforms,   stationeries,  copying and digital printing.   About 1/3 of the total pulp and paper marked (in 2000) is printing and writing papers. The pulp or fibers used in printing and writing papers are extracted from wood using a chemical or mechanical process


Offset Paper

General term for a variety of paper grades, similar to book paper, manufactured especially for offset lithography. Increased amounts of sizing enhance its ability to repel moisture when in contact with offset press dampening systems. Specific types of offset papers include coated offset paper, and uncoated ground wood-free offset paper.

Duplex Board :

Duplex board consists of two layers, mostly made from waste paper pulp. It is used for packaging purposes. We are engaged in the trading of HWC (High Weight Coating) and LWC (Light Weight Coating) with White back and Grey back. We are also importing waste paper and boards, paper boards and Kraft paper. Duplex Boards and Kraft Papers are used in packaging and printing industries.